Wiels | EN

Born in 1980 in Estonia, lives in Tallinn.

"The majority of my work consists of series of paintings based on photographic imagery. Technically I’ve worked as a photorealist painter, regarding the strict conceptual structure the basis for my work. I used to work from one thematic project to another, but during the past few years my practice has been rather driven by technical improvisations and combinations of collected visuals.

I see the painting process as an option for analysing the image by taking it apart and seeking its potential for further development.
These days photographic imagery gradually makes up ever greater part in daily communication, becoming more domesticated and therefore more invisible.

Painting helps to see the image as a process of different realities piling up. In the process the narrative articulation is largely replaced by the metaphorical ways of depiction. I see the similarities in composing a painting and writing poetry.

I do not underestimate the meditative nature of painting and the overloaded baggage of history painting inevitably carries, but I also see the personal approach and individual hands–on working method a reasonable way to present one’s ideas from an analytical aspect. I see painting as a constant reconstruction of collected memories in a concentrated mode. I highly appreciate the aesthetic aspects of art, and I’m also aware of the constant need for surgery on aesthetic reasons, their logic, history and changing allusions in comparing situations.

To describe my current canvases I would sum them up as a comparison ground for architectural space, photorealistic approach combined with abstract painting, historic quotes, and the urge to create a depth of field that would catch the viewer differently from a narrative reading."