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Alexis Blake

Crack Nerve Boogie Swerve

07 06 11 08 2024

WIELS alumni resident Alexis Blake (b. 1981, US/NL) presents a new iteration of the eponymous performance Crack Nerve Boogie Swerve as an exhibition. Her interdisciplinary practice incorporates visual art, dance and performance, exploring the body as an archive of embodied knowledge.

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Alexis Blake, Crack Nerve Boogie Swerve, 2019/2023, performance and installation. Photo: Diana Oliveira.

In this exhibition, Blake focuses on notions of transparency, resistance, resonance and disruption. In doing so, she uses glass and breaking not only as metaphors for the fragility and strength of the individual and collective body, but also as tools to communicate, break patterns and collectively create a new vocabulary of sound and movement.

Curator: Helena Kritis