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Performance: Stefanie Egedy, Sofia Borges & Ofer Smilansky

22 06 2024 16:00 16:35
23 06 2024 16:00 16:35

Every weekend, selected segments from the original iteration of Crack Nerve Boogie Swerve by Alexis Blake are performed by dancers and musicians, facilitating a dynamic interplay among all the different elements of the exhibition.

On 22 and 23 June, in a unique 35-minute performance, Blake brings together the sonic elements of the original performance while recontextualizing it within the exhibition. Stefanie Egedy, the low-frequency composer of the exhibition, and percussionist Sofia Borges, who both performed in Crack Nerve Boogie Swerve in Berlin and NYC, will come together with local sound artist, Ofer Smilansky, and perform original segments of the work while exploring new configurations that respond to the installation.

Performance (35 min.) at 16:00
Free with entry ticket

0058 Quick Selects Alexis Blake High Line

Alexis Blake - Crack Nerve Boogie Swerve, High Line, New York, 2023

Stefanie Egedy investigates sound as a composer of conceptual pieces, commissioned works, and experimental electronic music. Focused on researching possibilities with low-frequency sound, bodies, and subwoofers, her work stems from installations to live performances as sonic propositions.

Sofia Borges is a percussionist, composer and improviser who has gained prominence through a wide range of international projects. As a solo performer, and in collaboration with the most diverse international artists in the fields of contemporary music, improvised music, free jazz and global music, she has performed in a variety of international festivals. For her compositions and performances, she brings together traditional and custom-made instruments and electronic configurations.

This performance utilises the several strategically placed subwoofers and the free-moving steel structures, including the xylophone as conduits of sound. The bespoke soundscore is calibrated to interact with WIELS’ architecture, producing unique reverberations based on the bodies and installations present