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August Performance Series

03 08 2024
04 08 2024
10 08 2024
11 08 2024

Every weekend, segments from the original performance of Crack Nerve Boogie Swerve by Alexis Blake are selectively performed by a group of dancers and musicians, facilitating a dynamic interplay among all the different elements of the exhibition. Each new performance unfolds either as a solo or a duet, reprised on multiple occasions, affording both performers and spectators the latitude to reimagine the collective corporeal experience engendered by the original performance.

Performances take place at 15:20, 15:50, 16:20, 16:50.
Duration, 10 min.
Free with entry ticket

Alexis Blake Marissa Brown Bea Borgers 5

© Bea Borges

By isolating certain segments of the performance and recontextualising them as stand-alone ventures, this deliberate choice invites contemplation imbued with introspection. It juxtaposes the broken with the unbroken, summoning echoes from the past while offering glimpses of prospective futures, all in an attempt to carve out fleeting moments of coherence.


03.08 I Solo 4 – performed by Briana Ashley Stuart

Bio I After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Michigan, she began to perform and teach internationally as an independent artist. Within her artistic work, she is interested in audience interaction, philosophy, and how the history and culture of art forms are directly linked to the human condition and expression. She presented her latest work Moving Meditations, a multidisciplinary work about healing, that premiered at the Royal Flemish Theater in Brussels in March 2023. This work was the first step in her research into percussive dance and movement and sound in space and since its premiere, this work has toured nationally and internationally.

04.08 I Duet – performed by Urtė Groblytė & Abigail Aleksander

Bio I Urtė Groblytė (1999) is a Lithuanian contemporary dance artist and performer based in Brussels (BE). Urtė started her education at the National M.K. Čiurlionis School of Arts(LT). In 2022 she graduated from P.A.R.T.S. with a bachelor’s diploma and is now at the end of her masters there which resulted in two projects in collaboration with Judith Dhondt: DUST & A LOVELY CONSTRUCTION SITE.

Bio I Abigail Aleksander (UK) is a performer and collaborator based in Brussels. Since graduating from P.A.R.T.S in 2022, Abigail has performed with choreographers including Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Jan Martens, Michael Vandervelde and Philipp Gehmacher. Her own work SKINFOLD with collaborator Mary Szydlowska will premiere at Rakete Festival - Tanzquartier Wien in May 2025.

10.08 I Solo 5 – performed by Maya Balam Meyong

Bio I Native from Belgium with Cameroonian origins, Maya graduated from a BFA in dance at the PSPBB/Paris 8 University as well as from Rick Odum’s professional training and teaching programs under a scholarship award.
Upon graduating, Maya moved to Brussels where she danced for different choreographers and started developing her own artistic vision, works and projects. She co-founded The Dancing Society, a collective at the intersection of dance and different art forms as well as the Perpetuum Mobile, a Brussels-based international dance festival. Most recently, Maya has joined the Akram Khan Company for the international tour of “The Jungle Book reimagined”.

11.08 I Solo 6 – performed by Elisha Mercelina

Bio I Elisha Mercelina is a contemporary performer from the Netherlands. After obtaining her bachelor in Modern Theater Dance from the Amsterdam University of Arts, she relocated to Brussels. Feeling intrigued by the idea that art is an ongoing process that can never finish, she became interested in somatic research and improvisation based work that keeps up with the ever changing dynamic of life. She most recently collaborated and performed in Voice Noise by choreographer Jan Martens.