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Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat

Both born 1983 in Israel, live in Brussels.

Sirah and Eitan’s collaborative practice is to create spatial and durational experiences in relation to filmic material and architectural material, as surfaces that are able to inscribe experience. They develop audiovisual languages suspicious to linear narratives, especially those at work in the writing of history, and propose, through the medium, a poetic reevaluation of it.

Their works search for certain ghostly presence within collective memory that enhances the power of collective forgetfulness. Their latest video works focuses specifically on the poetic failure of gathering places or events, and asks to think of this failure as an alternative mode of remembering together. Considering an overlapping between collective experience and identity, Sirah and Eitan’s work aspires to discover and develop methodologies of artistic process that are able to reevaluate collectivity through spectatorship.