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Marlie Mul (1980, Utrecht, The Netherlands) is a Dutch artist who also works as an educator. Her artistic practice manifests in between sculpture, painting, graphics, education, distribution, writing, experiments in branding, the social and the virtual. References to the flowing, the liquid, the oozing recur in her work on a formal level and in metaphoric themes. Her work is intricately fabricated while keeping a strong DIY character.

After studies in Fashion and Textile Design and a degree in Sculpture, Mul studied in the MFA History and Critical Thinking at the Architectural Association School for Architecture in London. She took part in the WIELS Residency Programme in 2018 with the support of Mondriaan Foundation. Currently she is a director of the MFA Work.Master programme in the Visual Arts Department at HEAD Genève (Geneva University of Art and Design).

Marlie Mul has participated in exhibitions at amongst others: 33rd Biennial of Graphic Arts, International Centre Of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana; MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome; Hermany, Brussels; 49 Nord 6 Est–FRAC Lorraine, Metz; Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna; Kunsthalle Bern; Fridericianum, Kassel; 9th Berlin Biennial; 2014 Taipei Biennial; Swiss institute, New York; ICA, London; Sculpture Centre, New York, Ballroom Marfa, Texas, Centre de la gravure et de l'image imprimée, La Louvière. Recent publications include: CANCELLED, 2018; ground (co-edited with Harry Burke), 2017.


Marlie Mul's residency is supported by Mondriaan Fund.