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Born in 1993 in Kizu in the Kongo Central province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Hadassa Ngamba lives in Lubumbashi and works between Katanga and Kongo Central.

She has been collaborating with the Picha art center since the 5th Lubumbashi Biennale where she exhibited her first work named O'api. Throughout her childhood she lived in an environment listed with colonial memories and the genesis of the independence of Congo (BOMA). Witness and co-victim of male abuse carried on his mother, his work is rooted in the quest for personal and collective answers to the question of colonial memory, injustice and violence against women. By exploiting several visual expressions, she works to redefine the fallacious stereotypes linked to the identity rooted in time and space of her society by learning about the abstract language of the sub-Saharan woman.

Supported by Africalia.