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Born 1971 in Poland, lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Structural models based on urbanistic ideas, architectures and theories make up an essential part of the work of Gregor Eldarb. He develops hypothetical spaces and forms referencing the constructivist models of the early twentieth century’s classical avant-gardes. His work can be
thought of as an on-going conversation with the ideas underlying both real and utopian concepts of the cityscape. Through drawings, objects and videos he explores his surroundings, ranging from his own apartment to various cities, countries and landscapes, all of which find their respective counterparts in his models.

American scientist and fluxus-artist Bern Porter and his fellow American, poet-painter Kenneth Patchen, are two further major reference points in Eldarb’s stimulating dialogue with certain affiliations within the historical avant-gardes.

Gregor Eldarb’s more recent work testifies to an increased interest in the print media. In it, he refers to a system of forms, modes of presentation and concepts, enabling the viewer to draw comparisons and redefine the meanings underlying art, space and mind.