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Charlotte Beaudry

Get Drunk

28 05 14 08 2011

This exhibition, whose title evokes the exuberant rebelliousness of a punk slogan, presents Charlotte Beaudry's (Huy, 1968) last ten years of artistic practice. Her work in various media (paintings, drawings and video) reveals a uninhibited relationship to reality. Her large portraits of adolescent girls or the most trivial objects are always represented frontally and without context or supporting narrative. Far from providing the easy comfort often associated with painting, they solicit a provocative interaction with the viewer. Portraits, depictions of open handbags and masks seen in her paintings frequently point to something outside the frame of the image and invariably question our position in relation to the image. As a result, Baudry's latest body of work emanates a contagious, emotional and brutal vitality that leaves no one indifferent.

Charlotte Beaudry Get Drunk