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*Supreme Sunday*

14 08 2011 00:00 01:00

Don't miss the last day of the exhibitions of Charlotte Beaudry and of Nasreen Mohamedi and join us for a Supreme Sunday afternoon at Wiels.

Supreme Sunday


Lectures by Petra Van Brabandt and Tom Viaene : full abstracts here

Petra Van Brabandt is doctor in philosophy (University of Antwerp). She works on David Hume's socio-moral philosophy and feminist philosophy. She also writes on pornographic art ("Why do porn movies suck?" with Jesse Prinz, in Maes & Levinson, Art and Pornography, OUP, 2011). She focuses on women artists (film, literature, visual arts) and their difficult relationship to the representation of the female body and sexuality.

Tom Viaene works for GYNAIKA (http://www.gynaika.be/) and writes for rekto:verso (www.rektoverso.be), mostly over music, art criticism and philosophy.


Discussion and guided visit of the exhibition of Charlotte Beaudry with the artist and Aline Bouvy, Claude, Delphine Deguislage, Virginie Devillez, Céline Gillain, Aurélie Gravas, Claudia Radulescu, Anne-Claire Schmitz with whom Charlotte Beaudry works on various projects and who have accompanied the artist in the process which led to Get Drunk.


Drink & DJ set with Celine Gillain + presentation of the lp recently published by the collective Solid Bank.

Solid Bank is an artist collective composed of Charlotte Beaudry, Aline Bouvy, Claude, Delphine Deguislage, Virginie Devillez, Céline Gillain, Aurélie Gravas and Claudia Radulescu. Recorded at short notice, this album is only available in vinyl and presents the results of a session of improvised sound experimentation. Described by the group as "figurative music", the content of this album consists of 10 tracks ranging from noisy performance to post-punk songs. (Solid Bank: "Solid Bank", 300 copies, After Lucy, 2011).