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Jasper van Aarle - Meanwhile, taking place

Project Room
03 05 2023 21 05 2023

WIELS Project Room, Tuesday until Sunday, 14:00-18:00

Former WIELS resident, Jasper van Aarle, presents a new body of work in the Project Room from 4 May until 21 May.

Opening: 03.05.2023, 18:00-21:00
Presentation: 04.05 - 21.05.2023, 14:00-18:00
Free entrance

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Jasper van Aarle, 'Gravitational self-invert', 2021. Clay, iron, steel wire, rope, and other materials.

Entangled in a variety of situations, it is not so often thought about; the nature of reality in a broader sense, or under which principles everything can take place at all.

‘Meanwhile, taking place’ centers exactly around this taking place of the world itself. Not around things that occur within our perceivable life-world, but around the enduring becoming that underlies existence. Seen as a multiplicity of lively processes. With all our entanglements included.

Continuing out of a relentless curiosity in the workings of this abstract dynamism, I'll set out several attempts within the WIELS Project Room to get a picture from different angles of how this all works. Or, could work.

For this I partly refer to processes that were developed within the residency program in 2021. Elaborating drawings and wall sculptures, in search of expressive ways to reveal a fundamental 'ingression into world'.

I also continue the pursuit of making a lump of clay turn inside out on its own, by self-weight; originating from the surmise that everything there is, is subject to something you could describe as a self-evolving inversion.

Elaborations thereof come together with new sculptures, meanwhile created at the European Ceramic Work Centre, in which the same themes are at play. Though, more and more in a mingled capacity, falling under the ancient Greek concept of Phusis (nature's nature).

Finally, in the middle of the presentation, a spatial intervention with textiles, resulted in the most recent site-specific work 'Present setting'.

- Jasper van Aarle

Jasper van Aarle
(°1980), working/living in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

The works within this show are partly realised thanks to contributions from: WIELS, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Belgium, Mondriaan Fund, Fonds Kwadraat, Sundaymorning grant and Werktuig PPO.