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Jasper van Aarle (°1980, the Netherlands) is a Dutch visual artist, living and working in Tilburg.

Through his work Jasper van Aarle explores thinkable characteristics for dynamisms that come into play at the enduring becoming and unfolding of existence. By elaborating personal conceptions concerning the virtual goings of such processes, his art practice functions as a way to grasp the prevailing and more speculative ideas on the principles that constitute natural reality.

This yields a combination of variform propo­sitions like drawings and sculptures. Direct, expressive lines in pencil on paper for instance. Or objects in clay, plaster and wood; merely basic, earthy materials. All in search of tenable ways to examine the manners in which life and the world around us persistently evolve.

From invisible forces at the level of fundamen­tals to physical things and occurren­ces of experience, every­thing is perceived as a multiplicity of lively processes; in which space and time is conceived as an all-encompassing duration in perpetual change. It’s no less than that, even against better judgement, what he wants to reveal out of our sensory surroundings.