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Indiscipline 2024

30 03 2024 16:30 23:00

Indiscipline is an annual one-day happening with performances and experimental interventions set at the Grand Casino in the Belgian seaside resort of Knokke-Heist. Known for its rich art and film history—in particular the legendary EXPRMNTL film festival (1949-1974)— the casino offers a rare and surprising context that encourages new forms of perception, experience and corporeality.

With: Ufuoma Essi, Gary Farrelly, Lenio Kaklea, Jonathan Franz, Margaux Schwarz, Michael Snow, Nafaq (Amina Abouelghar & Hanin Tarek) with Lander Gyselinck, Hagar Tenenbaum & Irina Jasnowski Pascual, Eleanor Ivory Weber, and Xavier Garcia Bardon on EXPRMNTL.

Indiscipline 2024 min

'Pop Coloratura' by Stine Janvin, Indiscipline 2023 (c) Thibaut Degroote

The fourth edition of Indiscipline, curated by WIELS, will kick off with a screening of Michael Snow’s legendary film "Wavelength" in the Bonaparte theater room, the same location where it won the Grand Prix of the 4th International EXPRMNTL Film Festival back in 1967. Described by its director as a metaphor for the "nervous system", Wavelength is considered as a masterful exploration of the nature of perception. Often labelled as "structuralist" and "minimal", the film is also an obliquely narrative bricolage.

Eleanor Ivory Weber’s performances are conducted through scored and improvised experiments in text and voice, alternating spoken and sung language, in settings that pay attention to quotidien space and habitual behaviour. With a nod to Michael Snow's Wavelength, a cinematic vocabulary is created with anachronistic technologies and theatrical convention over the course of the evening.

The Bonaparte theater room will also host an imageless, new play by Margaux Schwarz where the artist pursues her interest in the notion of backstage by foreseeing discreet or even invisible service and control devices.

France-based Greek artist Lenio Kaklea has conceived a new performance for the specific context of Indiscipline. In the emblematic room surrounded by hybrid characters of René Magritte’s frescoes, Lenio Kaklea will present a solo piece driven by a study of the sailor, crossing sources from painting, poetry, pop culture, and queer repertoires.

Belgian drummer Lander Gyselinck follows Nafaq, the dance duo from Cairo formed by Amina Abouelghar and Hanin Tarek. Together, they present an improvised adaptation of the dance piece Extending Further, conceived as a journey through the conflicting powers of connectedness and distance between the dancers’ moving bodies and the audience.

In addition, the event features two video installations: London based artist Ufuoma Essi presents All That You Can’t Leave Behind, an experimental film that works with appropriated video footage to explore the relationship between our collective experience with music, history, and the act of reclamation, and Hagar Tenenbaum & Irina Jasnowski Pascual have created a new video installation under the veil of uncanny and hallucinatory figures.

Lastly, a series of photographic archives by Étienne Bernard of the 1974 EXPRMNTL festival curated by Xavier Garcia Bardon will offer audiences a glimpse into the history of experimental film and art.

Curator: Pauline Hatzigeorgiou
In collaboration with Knokke-Heist

Detailed programme and time table will be added soon


Happening organised by WIELS at Grand Casino Knokke

Address: Grand Casino Knokke, Zeedijk-Albertstrand 509, 8300 Knokke-Heist

Tickets: € 15 or € 10 (-26 years old)

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