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Indiscipline 2024

30 03 2024 16:30 23:00

Indiscipline is an annual one-day happening with performances and experimental interventions set at the Grand Casino in the Belgian seaside resort of Knokke-Heist. Known for its rich art and film history—in particular the legendary EXPRMNTL film festival (1949-1974)— the casino offers a rare and surprising context that encourages new forms of perception, experience and corporeality.

With: Ufuoma Essi, Gary Farrelly, Lenio Kaklea, Jonathan Franz, Margaux Schwarz, Michael Snow, Nafaq (Amina Abouelghar & Hanin Tarek) with Lander Gyselinck, Hagar Tenenbaum & Irina Jasnowski Pascual, Eleanor Ivory Weber, and Xavier Garcia Bardon on EXPRMNTL.

Indiscipline 2024 min

'Pop Coloratura' by Stine Janvin, Indiscipline 2023 (c) Thibaut Degroote


Happening organised by WIELS at Grand Casino Knokke

Address: Grand Casino Knokke, Zeedijk-Albertstrand 509, 8300 Knokke-Heist

Tickets: € 15 or € 10 (-26 years old)

Staying over in Knokke-Heist? More info here.




Gary Farrelly & Axelander
Performance, 2024
> Chandelier Hall

Gary Farrelly takes on the role of the evening's host, capturing the bombastic, glamorous, and nostalgic atmospheres embedded in the casino architecture. As the unifying beacon, he guides attendees through the various chapters of the programme, together with the dj Axelander.

Scan exprmtl 0106 min
Étienne Bernard, EXPRMNTL 5, 1974 © BPS22 – Cinematek Collection


Étienne Bernard
EXPRMNTL 5 – 1974
Photographies d’archives digitalisées
> Chandelier Hall

In December 1974, photographer Étienne Bernard took several hundred photos during the fifth and final edition of the EXPRMNTL festival, organized by Jacques Ledoux and the Royal Cinematheque of Belgium in the Knokke Casino. A selection of photographs is presented in the Hall, testifying to the lively and contrasting atmosphere of this extraordinary event, where internationally renowned artists and local figures, experimental filmmakers and art lovers, film buffs and the curious came together. Among them: Nam June Paik, Delphine Seyrig, Harald Szeemann, Luc Ferrari, Steina and Woody Vasulka, Jacques-Louis Nyst, and Bill Viola. Amidst screenings, concerts, and performances, video programming (one of the first in Europe dedicated to this new medium) was one of the major events of EXPRMNTL 5.

Copyright: BPS22 – Cinematek Collection
Curator: Xavier Garcia Bardon

ATYCLB Still 2 min
© Ufuoma Essi


Ufuoma Essi
All That You Can’t Leave Behind
Video, sound, 14 min, 2019
> Black Box

All That You Can’t Leave Behind is an experimental film exploring the relationship between Black women’s experience with music, history, and the act of reclamation, through appropriated video footage. Taking influence from Daphne Brooks’ essay “All That You Can't Leave Behind: Black Female Soul Singing and the Politics of Surrogation in the Age of Catastrophe”, the film is an exploration of the archival and performative legacies of Black women singers and performers. It illustrates how Black feminisms can be restorative and a reparative mode strengthened by the history of Black women’s collective refusal, dissent and creativity.

Screenshot 2023 04 05 at 12 53 06 1
© Hagar Tenenbaum & Irina Jasnowski Pascual


Hagar Tenenbaum & Irina Jasnowski Pascual
Super Impose Live

Two channels video, loop, 2024
> Chandelier Hall

The footage for this video installation was shot in a small television studio with two cameras, a large monitor and a video mixing board. A couple sits in separate chairs, each with a camera focused closely on their face. A third person is seated at the control desk, playing with the opacity of each camera and creating a live superimposed image. This image of the merged faces is fed into the monitor and visible to the couple, allowing them to react in real time and to morph their faces into one joined character. For the installation at Grand Casino Knokke, the one hybrid image becomes two characters again, separated by the edges of the screens and the architecture.

S Mwav min
© Michael Snow & Cinédoc Paris Films Coop


Michael Snow
Film 16mm, 45 min, 1966-1967
> Bonaparte Room

Wavelength was shot in one week in December ’66 preceded by a year of notes, thoughts, mutterings. I wanted to make a summation of my nervous system, religious inklings and aesthetic ideas. I was thinking of, planning for a time monument in which the beauty and sadness of equivalence would be celebrated, thinking of trying to make a definitive statement of pure Film space and time, a balancing of ‘illusion’ and ‘fact’, all about seeing. The film is a continuous zoom which takes 45 minutes to go from its widest field to its smallest and final field.”

- Michael Snow, 1967

EIW in language there are only differences except that there is also 2023 min
Eleanor Ivory Weber, in language there are only differences except that there is also, 2023, texts on LED sign, voltage converter, approximately 12’ loop, installation view 'No Private Problems', Alma Sarif, Brussel © Eleanor Ivory Weber

17:30 & 20:00

Eleanor Ivory Weber

Performance, 25 min, 2024
> Ambassadors’ Room

Eleanor Ivory Weber’s performances are conducted through scored and improvised experiments in text and voice, alternating spoken and sung language, in settings that pay attention to quotidien space and habitual behaviour. With a nod to Michael Snow's Wavelength, a cinematic vocabulary is created with anachronistic technologies.

Text, dramaturgy and performance: Eleanor Ivory Weber
Coproduction: WIELS, Woonhuis De Atelier

Jonathan Franz portrait min 1
Aurélie Bayad


Jonathan Franz
Solo-Impromptu (Indiscipline)
Performance, 30 min, 2024
> Chandelier Hall

Act III.

When I was younger…
I needed performance, I needed catharsis
But with age comes a bigger capacity for abstraction…
and now performance needs… me
I am catharsis
I can think in two directions
I can be me, myself and I at the same time…
I know you all want me, but I want… something else

By: Jonathan Franz
With: Jorgina Carrera
Thanks to: Mariona Puig, Sophie Fitze, Nikolai Jessen, Amélia Malfait
Partners: WIELS, KWP De Pianofabriek

DSCF8576 marikel lahana Large
Lenio Kaklea, Untitled (Figures), Peniche La Pop pour le festival (Re)Mix 2023 © Marikel Lahana


Lenio Kaklea
Untitled (Figures)

Performance, 40 min, 2023-2024
> Magritte Room

“In 2023, I received the commission from the La Pop barge, to create a performance based on the legendary song I’m Coming Out written and composed by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, and performed by Diana Ross. Having not come out myself, this invitation left me perplexed. By looking at the figures and worlds of queer artists who are dear to me, such as Ulrike Ottinger, Jean Genet, Jill Johnston, or the neo-realist painter and scenographer Yanis Tsarouchis, I understood how this performance of coming out is linked to a situation where I was led to explore in my work. During her scandalous speech at New York City Hall in a panel on feminism, New York dance critic Jill Johnston declared: “All women are lesbians, except those who don't know it”, which ended up convincing me. I decided, for this new performance, to embrace everything that is lesbian or queer in me through a catalogue of dance figures to pay homage to the ability of queer cultures to teach us to love the female body.”

Choreographer and performer: Lenio Kaklea
Light, sound and technical direction: Éric Yvelin
Costumes and accessories: Olivier Mullin
Dramaturgy and research: Lou Forster
Assistant choreographer: Jackie Elder
Voice: Jill Johnston
Music: Hornpipe en do mineur, Henry Percel, played by Martin Fröst, Express Yourself by Madonna
Administration and production: Olivier Poujol
Production: abd
Coproduction: Peniche La Pop for festival (Re)Mix, 2023 + WIELS + Genres/KLAP Maison de la Danse de Marseille
In the performance Lenio Kaklea danses extracts of Rodeo (1973) by Agnes de Mill

Margaux Schwarz INSTRUCTIONS Red Comfort Sugar for the Pill 2022 min
Margaux Schwarz, Instructions (Red Comfort), installation sonore, vue d’installation ‘Sugar for the Pill’, De Studio, Anvers, 2022 © Margaux Schwarz


Margaux Schwarz
Play, 25 min, 2024
> Bonaparte Room

The Bonaparte room hosts an imageless, new play by Margaux Schwarz where the artist pursues her interest in the notion of backstage as an inverted theatrical syntax. Intending to alter the traditional dominance of sight in perceptual hierarchies, a shift in the attention paradigm occurs. Spectators, comfortably seated in velvet chairs, adopt the role of sound voyeurs, orienting themselves amidst this off-screen drama.

Text and dramaturgy: Margaux Schwarz
Sound, light and technical direction: Nelson Beer
Production: WIELS

Nafaq Cairo Grégoire Verbeke
Nafaq - Amina Abouelghar & Hanin Tarek © Grégoire Verbeke


Nafaq - Amina Abouelghar & Hanin Tarek - with Lander Gyselinck
Extending Further

Dance and music, 30 min, 2024
> Chandelier Hall

Belgian drummer Lander Gyselinck joins Nafaq, the dance duo from Cairo formed by Amina Abouelghar and Hanin Tarek. Together, they present an improvised adaptation of the dance piece Extending Further, conceived as a journey through the conflicting powers of connectedness and distance between the dancers’ moving bodies and the audience.

Chorography and dance: Amina Abouelghar & Hanin Tarek
Music: Lander Gyselinck
Coproduction: Extending Further by Nafaq is coproduced by Bridging Cologne and D-CAF, 2022 and Festival de Marseille, 2024. The version with Lander Gyselink is coproduced by WIELS and KWP De Pianofabriek.

Curator: Pauline Hatzigeorgiou
In collaboration with: Knokke-Heist