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Concert: Compasso de gato

07 12 2022 19:00 20:00

Concert starts at 19:00 (until 20:00)
Exhibitions remain open until 21:00
Free with exhibition ticket

The encounter between the guitarist Benoit Minon and the flautist Line Daenen occurred with the step of the cat as a musical measure, around Brazilian music. Led by the feline and onic breath of the flute and by the soft and enveloping sounds of the guitar, this duo wanders through the poetic and narrative universe of the choro, as well as other Brazilian and Latin music (samba, forro, zamba , milonga, Venezuelan merengue).

Along the way, they meet the magnificent singer Alexandra Moldovan, whose warm and captivating voice and her keen sense of rhythm blend beautifully with their music.

Musical osmosis is there, halfway between improvised music and written music, they lead you with subtlety and swaying through their repertoire and their love for this music.

You are invited to discover Shimabuku's exhibition Instrumental as an introduction or to pursue the Brazilian sounds in the exhibition.