Wiels | EN

Un-Scene III

€ 1500

2015 Publisher : WIELS ENG, FR, NL

ISBN ISBN 9789078937258

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue designed by Brussels based designer Goda Budvytyté. Its structure embodies the curators’ conception of the show as an ensemble of individual practices. It comprises 13 booklets, held together in an institutional envelope. Each booklet features an interview with the artist and a cover conceived by the artist.

Artists : Béatrice Balcou
Jean-Baptiste Bernadet
Sébastien Bonin
Kasper Bosmans
Erika Hock
Hedwig Houben
Stephanie Kiwitt
Julien Meert
Yuki Okumura
Marina Pinsky
Marnie Slater
Leen Voet