Wiels | EN



€ 3995

2020 Softcover, 272 pages, 17 x 24 cm
Texts by: Dirk Snauwaert, Emanuele Coccia, Marina Vishmidt, Vivian Ziherl
Published by WIELS & Mercatorfonds EN (with translations in NL and FR)

ISBN 978-0-300-25769-4

In a visually engaging presentation of work by 38 internationally recognised or emerging artists, as well as collectives involved in art research, the Risquons-Tout book proposes a rich array of practices that defy easy categorisation. It examines how art challenges the homogenisation of thought in the now infamous echo chambers of our overcrowded info-sphere, engaging with the dynamics of transition, mixing and creolisation. The reflection takes its cues in part from postcolonial and feminist thought, notions of intertextuality, Umberto Eco’s definition of openness and John Cage’s experimentation, all the way to contemporary thinkers such as Srecko Horvat and Catherine Malabou. In addition to original contributions by all the living artists included in the related exhibition, performance programme and Open School, the book also features key quotations from thinkers whose ideas underpin the project’s curatorial research.

The book features an essay by Dirk Snauwaert exploring the ideas behind the Risquons-Tout exhibition; a text by Marina Vishmidt that reflects on automation and artistic labour; an interview with Emanuele Coccia, in which the philosopher sets forth his organicist approach to metaphysics; and an essay by Vivian Ziherl on the affective dimension of borders.