Wiels | EN

2016 Softcover, 27 x 21 cm, 92 pages, ill. colour Published by: WIELS, Brussels and Motto Books, Lausanne/Berlin
Editors: Grégory Castéra and Caroline Dumalin
With contributions by: Eglė Budvytytė, Grégory Castéra, Sara Deraedt, Caroline Dumalin, Patricia Esquivias, Beatrice Gibson, HAiKW/ Toril Johannessen, Fiona Mackay, Emma van der Put, and Robin Vanbesien
Design: Stefano Faoro

ISBN 978-9078937-28-9

Foreign Places is conceived as an alternative travel guide, which accompanies the eponymous exhibition. The eight contributing artists were invited by Stefano Faoro, designer of this publication and also a former WIELS resident, to imagine a place for the book page in which their work is invested - whether it is a building, city or series of locations. The final text chapter features ‘A Glossary of Place Names’ by WIELS curator Caroline Dumalin, which emphatically locates the artists’ image sequences, as well as the essay ‘From Beirut to Brussels: Notes on Curating as an Exercise in Attachment’ by guest curator Grégory Castéra, who delivers a personal account of the challenges involved in working abroad and attaching oneself temporarily to a place or a practice.