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Akram Zaatari

Film as a Form of Writing

€ 1500

2014 Softcover, 170 x 220 mm, 72 pages, ill. N/b Published by WIELS & Motto Books
Edited by Caroline Dumalin and Dirk Snauwaert
Texts by Dirk Snauwaert, Quinn Latimer and Akram Zaatari
Graphic design by Joris Kritis

ISBN ISBN: 978-9-078937-22-7

Film as a Form of Writing is published and distributed by Motto Books in collaboration with WIELS. The trilingual book, designed by Joris Kritis, centres around a recent in-depth interview conducted by critic Quinn Latimer with Akram Zaatari.

Akram Zaatari: ‘It is a film, a thought that took the form of an artwork. As with most of my work, it is made for time; it is both a testimony of where I come from and a mark I care to leave for the future—again as thought, not as data or records. Let’s call it alternative writing that uses the form of letters.’