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Jef Geys

Catalogue Raisonnable

€ 6900

2024 368 pages (texts and illustrations), 112 pages (image sections)
Four-colour print, A4, hardcover
Editor: Charlotte Friling, assisted by Oriana Lemmens & Kaat Obbels
Published by: MER and Borgerhoff & Lamberigts
Graphic design: Joris Kritis
In English with original texts in Dutch

The Jef Geys exhibition at WIELS goes hand in hand with the first survey publication of Jef Geys’ work, which will be released in June 2024. This monograph, edited by Charlotte Friling assisted by Oriana Lemmens and Kaat Obbels, was created in collaboration with MER and Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, and designed by Joris Kritis. The title, Catalogue Raisonnable, is from a publication project found in Geys’ archive, structured like the 844 numbers and titles found in his famous List of Works. Geys used this List as a way to weave together his practice, production and autobiography. His Catalogue Raisonnable is both a personal, mnemonic, cumulative listing and an alternative to the standard academic ‘catalogue raisonné’. Besides this List, Geys left many clues and explanations about his practice in editions of his Kempens Informatieblad, on his blog and in publications. WIELS brings all these written aspects together, along with the results of new research into the artist's archives, a large number of new translations of Geys's original texts, and hundreds of illustrations of key unpublished works and documents.

Through access to the artist’s archive, close cooperation with his Estate, and thorough art-historical research, this publication offers a rare opportunity to discover, understand and study the entire career of Jef Geys’ remarkable, multifaceted practice.

Release date scheduled for summer 2024
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