Body Talk addresses issues of feminism, sexuality and the body, as they play themselves out in the work of a generation of women artists... Read more

What would it mean for choreography to perform as an exhibition? Work/Travail/Arbeid, a newly commissioned
 project by Anne... Read more


Artist Talk: Otobong Nkanga

In her talk, Otobong Nkanga will focus on a body of site-specific works that have been shown in different contexts and geographical spaces. Read more

Lecture demonstration

Lecture demonstration by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

In her lecture demonstrations, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker offers insights into the rich and diverse material that informed the choreography... Read more

Lecture Work/Traviail/Arbeid

Why Dance: Lecture by Douglas Crimp

In the past several years, the art world has embraced dance as never before. Many are asking why—Why dance? Why now? Douglas Crimp wonders if he... Read more


May Baby

After three successful editions of babay day, WIELS has decided to continue opening its doors to the little ones. Read more

Book your visit to Work/Travail/Arbeid here! Read more

Am I the only one who is like me ? This is a question characteristic of former artist in residency at WIELS Saddie Choua’s life and work. Read more

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