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Eduardo Fukushima, Beatriz Sano & Tomie Ohtake - horizon

12 05 2024 19:00 19:40
13 05 2024 19:00 19:40
14 05 2024 19:30 20:45
15 05 2024 19:30 20:10
15 05 2024 21:00 21:40
16 05 2024 19:00 19:40

A line crosses the air; it is an immobile form, yet it seems to dance. The sculptures of Tomie Ohtake strike a balance between abstraction and the ability to awaken our imagination, between form and sensuality.

€20 / €16

A collaboration between WIELS & kunstenfestivaldesarts


Born in Kyoto in 1913, a young Ohtake moved to São Paulo, the largest Japanese community outside Japan, where she lived until her death in 2015. Her feeling of not belonging to just one place seems tangible in her work: every line is a movement against stability and fixed shape. For years, Eduardo Fukushima – a Brazilian choreographer of Japanese heritage – has been working on the loss of balance. For him, Ohtake and the link between instability and complex identity in her work serve as a great inspiration. Now, together with Beatriz Sano, he has conceived a choreography with the works of Ohtake. The space of WIELS is punctuated by her sculptures and the rhythms of a live drummer. As the breathtaking steps of Fukushima and Sano hypnotically transport us, like a gentle sea wave, making the space move, the sculptures almost appear to dance. While Ohtake’s pieces reside in major museums worldwide, horizon is the first chance to see them in Brussels, through a dizzying choreography of bodies and sculptures that presents a fascinating, unstable encounter with her work.

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, WIELS
Creation and performance: Beatriz Sano & Eduardo Fukushima | Sculptures and paintings: Tomie Ohtake | Music composer and performer: Chico Leibholz | Dramaturgy: Júlia Rocha | Stage director and expographic project: Hideki Matsuka | Costume design: Rita Comparato (Irrita) | Photos: Danielle Satiko, Vitor Barão, Ricardo Miyad | Video: Ricardo Miyada Production: Corpo Rastreado Commissioned and produced by Kunstenfestivaldesarts, in collaboration with WIELS
With the support of Instituto Tomie Ohtakehorizon is the project supported by the Friends of Kunstenfestivaldesarts in 2024