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WE WIELS x Mindchangers

"WE WIELS" contains "We will". In this project, unaccompanied young people and school-leavers, together with senior citizens from Forest, get in action and engage with contemporary art. Does a work of art evoke certain emotions or memories? What causes does this artist stand for? Are these also important to them? And if they were to create a work of art themselves, would they do so with a particular goal in mind?

Young people engage in conversation with each other and older people around themes such as ecology, sustainability and migration using contemporary art, seeking new, creative visions of the future.

These conversations and ambitions culminate in artistic projects. During a creative week, participants work together on a common work of art that will be shown during Park Poétik.

Events in the framework of this project:
Creative week : 27 - 30.06.23, 11:00-17:00 (open workshop)

Diana Montes

WE WIELS x Mindchangers

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WE WIELS is supported by the European Union and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in the framework of the Mindchangers project: regions and their youth commit to the planet and its inhabitants. The content of this project is the sole responsibility of WIELS and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.