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Yiannisʼ work is inspired by his deep interests in the classical sources of the arts and sciences, their impact on modernity and their continued relevance in the contemporary understanding of the world.

The range of his references –from geometry and Greek philosophy to European Scholasticism and the Enlightenment– reflects Yiannisʼ historical awareness and through this, his commitment to addressing some of the most pertinent cultural and political issues which define –and divide- todayʼs Europe. His practices drawing simultaneously on the traditions of the performing and plastic arts, literature and poetry, making his work notable from its sparse formal qualities and aesthetic economy.

Yiannis Papadopoulos (b. 1975, Patras GR) lives in Athens and Antwerp and has studied Mathematics, Fine Arts and Typography, in Greece, The Netherland and in Belgium. Nominated for DESTE prize 2015, granted from Kunsten en Erfgoed and V. Valambous prize GR. Selected recent exhibitions include Unpacking my library,cur. T. Pandi, A. Mykoniati, EMST, Athens (2018); Perished Sun, Kalfayan galleries, Athens (2017);Actopolis, cur. e. Karaba, Goethe Athens, PAT (2016). He is editor of OMBLOS imprint.