Wiels | EN

(b. 1975, Munich)

My artistic practice is concerned with processes of production of meaning. By adaptating forms of representation they can become visible as very useful and also very powerfull – but nevertheless „selfmade“ – constructions and interpretations of reality that surrounds us. My approach to themes and issues as well as my use of references starts at this point: by shifting, copying, faking and remaking forms, materials, gestures, and contents, I try to loose strongly fixed significances and propose new uses through different ways of adaptation. Language and writing are also important parts of my pratice. Writing allows me to introduce different perspectives and points of views, to adress directly to or to exclude a viewer. By doing all this, I try to create a gap that gives the viewer a notion of his or her own subjectivity – and of the instability of the normative ways of seeing and interpreting a surrounding.