Wiels | EN

(b. 1980, Belgium)

Patrick Thinsy (BE, 1980) is a musician and a visual artist. He uses turntables, mixing boards, synths, field recordings and objects to create sounds, ranging from violent bursts of feedback to slow electro-acoustic soundscapes. He is a member of the musical projects penskyplochingen and martiensgohome.

As a visual artist, he works on sound installations, objects and paintings. Recent projects includes 'A Knot to make it Hold', an installation developed during a two-week residency at QO2 in March 2010. ‘A Smoking Thing’, a combination of sound installation and live action, using smoking pills and fuses, which fill the room with smoke, and amplifying / recording / remixing sounds made during the event. ‘Acoustic Pick-ups" is an evolving sound installation consisting of 10 turntables, on which various resonating objects are placed and which are controlled by movement detectors.

Patrick has collaborated with Martin Tétreault, Clare Cooper, Ignaz Schick, Stefaan Quix, z’ev, Sandra Vincent/Playsure Company, Marjorie Burger-Chassignet/Somebody Campany, Els Van Riel, Vincent Matyn, Robert Curvengen...