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Liesbeth Marit‘s work recreates the fluid matter of memory. Without falling into a pessimism or a kind of melancholic view of the past, she shows memory as a being and, since memory does not write itself, she develops an original language. In that sense, her work is a search for that meaningful absentee.

Liesbeth tells stories through images (film, installation, sculptures…) of recognizable everyday objects. Will I ever see you again shows, for instance, a bread that loses its dimensions, fills in a space and becomes a place to mee(a)t. Save me is made of a glass hanging in the dark and lighted by a projection, while a man’s voice tells his broken memory. Her latest project, Landscape, Lipstick, opens a new direction in her work. It is a cyclus of two films which follows the interaction between nature as a reservoir of memories, as a place of return, and the city as a place of constant flow and impatient movements.

Liesbeth Marit (1979) graduated from the Hogeschool Sint-Lukas, Fine Arts, Brussels, and the Higher Institute for Fine Arts (HISK), Antwerp.