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(Carola Wagenplast b. 1980 Paris; Peter Hoppe, b. 1973 Capetown; Peter Steckroth, b. 1979 Chicago) live and work in Hamburg and Munich

I try to outline the relationships using a formula.

That would be mathematics. Factors that could stand for something.

There is the possibility of a formula applied at different levels.

Of course it's interesting when one notes that one can develop a formula that is then applied to other contexts, but I have no idea of it.

On the other side I see the use of moments and fields, which doesn't come close to the manifestation of a formula.

An uncertainty principle.

To orbit gestures, actions and places.

The experiment to take something that is not to be brought to the point. Otherwise you would have a fixed term of it.

Perhaps more a kind of a module instead of a formula.

Connections, which create new images in between.

Like film cuts, which indicate a new space, which has not been visualized but can prevail only.

Which is, so to speak, between the cuts…

Which is on the adhesive edge.

Extract from the publication "Talks with Jochen Schmith, 0-5".

Jochen Schmith is an artist collective consisting of Peter Hoppe, Peter Steckroth and Carola Wagenplast. They work together since 2000.