Wiels | EN

(b. 1984, Aberdeen, Scotland)

The work of Fiona Mackay attempts to reveal tensions between the conflicts arising from the desire to confess a personal narrative, verses a public system of signs always in potential flux. Emerging from the gaps resulting from the conflict between the purity of intention and the impossibility of the work to represent fully, inevitably comes a meaning which is always tentative, ephemeral and transitive = whimsical. This is employed as a conscious device which draws emphasis to the possibility of the liberation and the re-reinterpretation of both content and medium.

Fiona Mackay graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2006. Recent exhibitions include ‘Ventriloquist’ Timothy Taylor, London, ‘Fuck You Human’, Maribel Lopez, Berlin, ‘Last Tango in Partick’, Now Museum, Glasgow, ‘Moveable Feast’ SWG3, Glasgow, ‘New Contemporaries’, Cornerhouse, Manchester.