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(b. 1973, Cyprus) Lives and works in Belgium and the Netherlands.

By opening up an in-between space, there is always a suggestion of something that holds; a frame, an organization, an element of control. In her drawings, models and video animations, Eleni Kamma investigates possibilities for a future architecture that rejects binary logics and accepts rather than tolerates. Her interest lies in systems of narrative representations of transformation. Through her work, two things are unfolding at the same time; a direct exploration of the spatial in-between through reflection on space, but also an object that suggests an in-between space. Through the continuous reconstitution of space and the constant re-construction of the object’s fragmented, edited, copied and pasted, projected and repeated historical, etymological and representational definitions, the formation, distribution and division of knowledge and experience are put under question. As a prerequisite factor for the possibility of co-existence, the emphasis is given to the crack, the gesture and the relation of event and milieu.

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Eleni Kamma’s participation is supported by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus