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Daniel A. Swarthnas is a Swedish artist, filmmaker, researcher, and photographer based in Brussels.

With a background in analogue photography processes, experimental film and academic studies in philosophy, history of ideas and film history, Swarthnas films deals with representation problems, often spatial, visual and physical displacements in relation to site / non-site, strata, land-art, abandoned places, architecture and urban spaces.

Swarthnas is also curator, and in 2013, he founded Turbidus Film, an experimental film screenings platform in Stockholm. He has curated films at Index Gallery (Stockholm), Cinemateket (Stockholm), Filmverkstaden (Finland), Centre Pompidou (Paris) among others. He has worked at Filmform, The Art Film & Video Archive from Sweden, and has been part of the production board at the intermedia venue Fylkingen. As editor, he contributed to the conceptual magazine OEI, issue #69-70: On Film (496 pages about experimental film and moving images). In 2017, he was a part of the jury for Atelier 105, post-production residency at LightCone, Paris. He currently works as film programmer for Cinema Parenthèse, a mobile platform to screen alternative and experimental films at different places in Brussels (Wiels, Bozar, Greylight Project, Cinema Galeries, INSAS)