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AKONITO (°1991, JP) is an artist based in Tokyo with a particular interest in the appearance of ghosts in their artistic work. They define a ghost as a being that has lost its substance and has been given a story by someone else. They posit that ghosts are not consciously created. They believe that ghosts are the result of the human capacity to create stories. They call such an outgrowth of human creativity a ghost. To excavate such ghostly forms, they use photography, performance, painting, and installation, depending on the situation.

Through their practice, AKONITO explores the sense of discomfort in daily life. In the course of their daily life, they suddenly find themself within a state in which their thoughts are not connected to reality. To explore the strangeness of the disconnection between reality and personal narrative, they feel the importance on visiting places they have never been to before and experiencing their unique history.

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AKONITO is supported by the TOKAS - Tokyo Arts & Space.