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Agatha Wara is a Bolivian-American artist who lives and works in Oslo.

Agatha Wara contemporary art Brussels

Agatha Wara in her studio wearing 'Death Suit' (2017), photo by Maria Pasenau.

Agatha Wara studied at the Center for Curatorial Studies in New York, USA and the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, Norway. Her work is largely founded in language and draws inspiration from philosophical notions of “the self”. Wara uses her own biography, clothing, and objects from her life as “the stuff of self”: stuff that should, therefore, be toyed with. In keeping with an expansive practice, Wara has presented projects for a variety of institutions and contexts. Some of these include Kunsthall Oslo, Podium, UKS, Norwegian Sculpture Biennial and Lofoten International Art Fair, all in Norway. As well as CHART Art Fair (Copenhagen), Pure Fyction Art Book Fair (Frankfurt), NADA Art Fair (NY), Red Bull Studios (NY), Dismagazine.com (NY), Art Basel (Miami), and Institute of Contemporary Art (Miami). Wara is the editor of an eponymous magazine titled Agatha, and is currently writing a column for Kunstkritikk,no titled Den aktuelle aktualiteten/The Actually Actual. In 2021 she will publish her debut novel as part of the inaugural exhibition of the National Museum in Oslo.