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Our partnership with Duvel

WIELS & Duvel – A lasting partnership

Our collaboration with Duvel is a cornerstone of WIELS’ success and a prime example of an effective partnership.

A recent significant achievement in this partnership is the new WIELS Café counter, made possible with Duvel's generosity and brought to life in collaboration with Ambra Fabi from the architecture studio Piovenefabi.

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Photos by Giaime Meloni

Photos by Giaime Meloni

This new addition enables WIELS to completely transform its Brewing Hall, creating a warm, modern ambiance and enhancing the visitor’s experience.

Photos by Giaime Meloni

Duvel has been a vital part of our journey since before our doors opened to the public in 2007 and remains one of our most trusted structural partners. Their support has been essential in renovating and developing our modernist building. As a nod to Duvel's important role in our evolution, you will find their excellent range of drinks available in the WIELS Café.