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Shezad Dawood

Watch and listen to additional videos and sounds around Shezad Dawood's exhibition.

Mixed Media

'In the Studio’ Podcast

BBC have been following the making of Shezad Dawood's exhibition 'Night in the Garden of Love: Inspired by & featuring Yusef Lateef’. Join Anna Bailey as she follows Shezad creating his exhibition at WIELS, along with his collaborator the American musician and percussionist Adam Rudolph.

In English.


Ana, Claude, Alice, Adan, and Iris had a lot of questions to ask Shezad Dawood about this exhibition. Listen to the interview here! Also, take a look at the photos. Can you find the artworks in the exhibition?

Alhena Katsof on Yusef Lateef

The shapes and plants depicted in Yusef Lateef's drawings are woven throughout the exhibition. Dawood, in collaboration with Alhena Katsof, curator of Yusef Lateef's legacy, and his widow Ayesha Lateef, carefully selected 16 original drawings that will be displayed for the first time in Europe at WIELS.

In this video, Alhena Katsof shares insights into Lateef's work and life, offering her perspective on the meaning and importance of his artistic contributions.

In English.

Playlist Mamiko Motto

WIELS has teamed up with Mamiko Motto, whose DJ-sets have already made you dance at recent openings. From now on, she'll also be creating Spotify playlists for our exhibitions, taking you on a musical journey every time.

We Ask the Curator

Discover in 'WE Ask The Curator' the answers of WIELS curators Helena Kritis and Zoë Gray to questions around Shezad Dawood's exhibition Night in the Garden of Love - featuring & inspired by Yusef Lateef.

In English.