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Watch and listen to additional videos and sounds around Shimabuku's exhibition at WIELS.

Mixed Media


By kids for kids: Listen here to the WIELS KETS offering their interpretation of the works by Shimabuku.

Brazilian music influences

Shimabuku has a particular connection with Brazil. He often collaborates with Brazilian producer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Kassin. The short film I'm Wishing was made in collaboration with Kassin and his Brazilian colleague Moreno Veloso during their visit to Okinawa in 2007.

KETS Poster Origami

Watch the video and make your own origami with the WIELS KETS poster!

Interview with Shimabuku

In this exclusive interview, Shimabuku explains the crucial role played by music during the conception and creation of his artworks. A true storyteller, he reveals where he finds his inspiration.

Conversation: Shimabuku & Zoë Gray

The artist Shimabuku talks with WIELS senior curator Zoë Gray about his exhibition Instrumental.

In English

Shimabuku's playlist

Shimabuku's exhibition is filled with Brazilian music composed by his friends and talented musicians: Kassin, Moreno Veloso and Arto Lindsay.

Shimabuku made a playlist in which you can discover and experience the musical influences on his exhibition 'Instrumental'. Lose yourself to the rhythm of these great musicians, bringing you closer to the artist’s affinities.

Press 'play' and imagine yourself in Shimabuku's instrumental world via a musical journey.