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Watch and listen to additional videos and sounds of the artists in Risquons-Tout and explore the ideas behind their works. WIELS Mixed Media offers you proximity to the artists presented at WIELS. Enjoy browsing!

Mixed Media

Julien Creuzet

Julien Creuzet talks about his video installation and sculptures presented in Risquons-Tout.

In French (subtitles in EN, FR & NL)

Lydia Ourahmane & Alex Ayed

A striking mixtape recorded by Lydia Ourahmane and Alex Ayed during the trip they undertook for the exhibition Risquons-Tout.

Sina Seifee

Sina Seifee elaborates on his audiovisual installation ‘Wonders of the Moon’ in which he explores the creatures and symbols that live in the dark, on the "other side" of rationality.

In English (subtitles in EN, FR & NL)

Laure Prouvost

Laure Prouvost talks from her studio about the performance ‘The Wanderers, sideways to bet hit’ during the opening days of Risquons-Tout.

In English (subtitles in EN, FR & NL)

Kati Heck

Kati Heck talks about her research into the popular legends of former smuggler routes on the Belgian- French border, and the idiosyncratic iconography of her monumental textile banners for the WIELS brewing hall.

In Dutch (Subtitles available in EN, FR & NL)

Manuel Graf

Manuel Graf discusses the relationship between physical and digital sculpture.

In English (subtitles in EN, FR & NL)

Lubaina Himid & Magda Stawarska-Beavan

Lubaina Himid and Magda Stawarska-Beavan talk about the patterns and the sound piece in their installation 'Blue Grid Test' in Risquons-Tout, and the risks they took to make this new piece for the exhibition.

In English (Subtitles available in EN, FR & NL)

Melike Kara

From her studio in Cologne, Melike Kara proposes a journey through her new work presented in the exhibition Risquons-Tout, in conversation with M HKA curator Anne-Claire Schmitz.

In English
Moderated by WIELS Senior Curator Zoë Gray

Shezad Dawood

The artist talks about his new commission included in Risquons-Tout, in conversation with architect and architectural critic Asli Çiçek.

In English
Moderated by WIELS Senior Curator Zoë Gray

Jean D.L.

In anticipation of Jean D.L.'s postponed concert, he offers you a mixtape inspired by the themes and narrative strands of Risquons-Tout. Windscreen-wipers, a cacophony of bells or moody autumn winds produce an otherworldly soundscape.

Renzo Martens

Online debate addressing extraction, gentrification, labor and institutional critique on the occasion of Renzo Martens’ new film White Cube. With Sandrine Colard, Aymar Nyenyezi Bisoka, Renzo Martens, Jean Katambayi Mukendi, Wendy Bashi and Jean-François Mombia Atuku.

In French (subtitles in FR)

Esther Ferrer

Esther Ferrer discusses key aspects of her work with Laurence Rassel, co-curator of her recent monographic exhibition at the Reina Sofía, Madrid.

In French
Moderated by WIELS Curator Sofia Dati

Tarek Lakhrissi

In the vicinity of his installation 'SICK SAD WORLD' in Risquons-Tout, Tarek Lakhrissi gives a glimpse into his postponed (and eagerly awaited) eponymous performance.

In French (subtitles in EN, FR & NL)

With the support of the Flemish Government within the framework of the cultural activities grant.

Monika Stricker

In conversation with Susanne Titz and Dirk Snauwaert, Monika Stricker discusses some of the issues underlying the body of work that she produced for Risquons-Tout.

In English

Moderated by Sofia Dati

Mounira Al Solh

Learn more about Mounira Al Solh's collaborative and engaged practice in the framework of the exhibition Risquons-Tout.

In English (subtitles available in EN, FR & NL)


The WIELS KETS talk you through the exhibition (scroll down to tracks of Risquons-Tout)!

In French & Dutch

Evelyn Taocheng Wang

Evelyn Taocheng Wang talks about tradition, craftsmanship and the relation between words and images.

In English (Subtitles available in EN, FR & NL)

Heide Hinrichs

Book launch of ‘shelf documents: art library as practice’ with Heide Hinrichs, Elizabeth Haines, Melanie Noel, Jo-ey Tang, Ersi Varveri & Susanne Weiß. This book presentation takes us through its scales of practice: the institution, the library, the book and the body.

In English
Moderated by WIELS Curator Sofia Dati