Wiels | EN

Ann Veronica Janssens


05 09 06 12 2009

Ann Veronica Janssens questions the elusive. She tries less to grasp the impalpable and chooses to experiment with its multiple forms and apparitions instead.

Janssens work is based on one's sensorial experience, the encounter of the body and the space. She uses light, colour and sound to create experiences that heighten a viewer's perception and awareness of space and movement. The visitor whom Janssens disorientates by the modification and destruction of the known space is an integral part of her installations. She engages all senses to render the immaterial visible and tangible.

Phenomenal experiences are nearly impossible to capture but often awaken the senses of the individual. Janssens' exhibition at Wiels will include sensory experiences for the viewer through the utilization of: dazzle, flashing lights, persistence of vision, vertigo, saturation, speed and infinite sounds These phenomena border the edge of visual and auditory instability. For her exhibition at Wiels, ten new sculptures will be presented, among which six large devices will be real immersions, like bathing light, sound or colour.

Most of the time her sculptures cannot be photographically captured... but shall be experienced.