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Joseph Kusendila

Platteau, Groupe Theatral

07 06 11 08 2024

Joseph Kusendila invests the first floor of the Blomme building of WIELS in an attempt to relate Exterior (EXT.) and Interior (INT.), periphery and protocols. On several Sundays, the film Groupe Theatral (2021-2024) is screened in CINEMATEK.

Visuel Joseph Kusendila usethisone min

Courtesy of the artist

Joseph Kusendila was born in Belgium in 1985. Since 2019, he directs with Monica Gallab the space Alma Sarif. Kusendila has presented solo exhibitions at Maxwell Graham New York (2021), at Kantine, Brussels (2020) and at Komplot, Brussels (2018). He received a degree in film director from the Institut National des Arts du Spectacle et des Techniques de Diffusion (INSAS), Brussels, in 2014.

In collaboration with: CINEMATEK