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Mike Kelley

Educational Complex Onwards: 1995 - 2008

12 04 27 07 2008

For the first time in Belgium, Wiels presents a retrospective dedicated to Mike Kelley, one of the most significant artists of the last 30 years.

Mike Kelley Educational Complex Onwards 1995 2008 3

Educational Complex Onwards, 1995-2008 is composed of a large selection of recent works installations, videos, photographs, sculptures and paintings on loan from some of the most prestigious international collections. The exhibition is conceived as a history, in which every work forms a chapter. Its unfurling allows to understand how and why Mike Kelley has, since 1995, made use of the notion autobiograhy to explore, in a poetic way, the forms of power and the power of forms.

Mike Kelleys work is characterised by the way it integrates popular culture in an artistic practice, nourished by philosophy, literature and art history, and by the exuberance of his visual style which is opposed to the smooth surfaces of minimalism as well as to the neutrality of pop art and abstraction. With elements from his personal story as well as from a broader cultural history, Mike Kelley pursues a poetic deconstruction of the structures surrounding us.

Mike Kelley Educational Complex Onwards 1995 2008 4

Mike Kelley, born in Detroit in 1954, lives and works in Los Angeles. He has worked together with numerous artists notably Paul McCarthy, Jim Shaw and Tony Oursler and musicians such as Sonic Youth. Since the mid-80s, his work has been exhibited in the largest museums (Whitney Museum, Centre Pompidou, Van Abbemuseum, Le Louvre, Wiener Secession, MOCA in Los Angeles...) and prestigious international events (Documenta, Venice Biennial, Lyon Biennial...).

Mike Kelley : Educational Complex Onwards, 1995 - 2008
12.04 - 27.07.2008
Curator : Anne Pontégnie