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Table Ronde: Janus Magazine

Round table
16 01 2009 00:00 01:00

Curating a Generation

Janus is a cross-disciplinary magazine that was founded in 1999 and is currently run by a group of young editors coming from Belgium and Italy. Anywhere, Anytime, here, now is the motto of the publication inspired by the ubiquitous nature of the god Janus. The magazine appears twice a year and each issue has a thematic section and a special section in which 5 curators each present an artist they have recently worked with.

Table Ronde Janus Magazine

- Carolyn Christov Bakargiev, director of d13 documenta in 2012 in Kassel and chief curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Castello di Rivoli
- Luk Lambrecht, curator of the Strombeek Cultural Centre and writer for Knack Magazine.

Moderator: Nicola Setari, editor in chief of Janus

The new issue of the magazine, Janus24, will be presented on this occasion.

With the support of BAM Flemish Institute for the Audiovisual