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Symposium : Let’s Build the Hacienda (FR)

25 03 2016 11:00 16:00

Vincent Meessen’s exhibition Sire, je suis de l’ôtre pays is at the centre of this day of discursive presentations, during which the maze of the Situationist International will be further explored. A number of underexposed case studies will act as backdoors to the question at stake: how has architecture been used by the avant-garde to reinvent the everyday or, alternatively, to create a new “elsewhere”?


11:00 Introduction

11:10 Vincent Meessen: Une clarté labyrinthique
11:50 Gérard Berréby: L’âme romantique et fantomatique de Ivan Chtcheglov
12:35 Gilles Collard: Lettre à Ivan

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Stefano Collicelli Cagol in conversation with Jacqueline de Jong: from the Labyrinth project at Stedelijk Museum to Utopolis

15:30 Closing notes and Q&A

Symposium: Let’s Build the Hacienda (French/English)

Organized in the framework of All the King's Horses: Legacies of the Situationist Movement
Supported by Allianz Kulturstiftung
In association with Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Symposium Construisons lhacienda

Vincent Meessen, SIISIS, 2016. Courtesy of the artist and Normal, Brussels