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Spirits and Landscapes

02 07 2010 00:00 01:00

Spirits and Landscapes

Spirits and Landscapes

Installation by the artist in residency Ada Van Hoorebeke, including works by Nele Tas, Stijn Van Dorpe, Anouk Kruithof and Yoko Enoki. Sound installation by L.R.J. Martens.

Spirits and Landscapes is an installation without definite form. Its incarnation in the Wiels Project Room will include oil painted canvases, dyed textiles, found objects and edible elements by the artist in residency Ada Van Hoorebeke, along with works from five artists who are important to her.

Most of the works were made in different contexts and are, in most cases, rather atypical in the artists' production. What connects them is a sense for communicating with and through raw material. Ada's total installation can be seen as an ephemeral landscape, a brief meeting of autonomous particles.

July 1st Opening
- 6.30pm performance/installation
- 8pm Concert by Dolphins into the Future (Antwerp) + Visuals “Travel Guide II” by Ada
- 10pm Dj Eekhoorn X +Video compilation by Özlem Altin

Stijn Van Dorpe 1970, BE, lives & works in Ghent
Nele Tas 1978 BE, lives & works in Antwerp
Anouk Kruithof 1981 NL, lives & works in Berlin DE.
Yoko Enoki 1978 JP, lives & works in Tokyo.
L.R.J. Martens 1981 BE, lives & works in Antwerp
Ada Van Hoorebeke 1982 BE, lives & works in Brussels and Berlin.