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Play Week

Family & kets
31 10 2023 05 11 2023


Feel the urge to play yourself when you see the films of Francis Alÿs, in which children from all over the world are playing?

Come and play at WIELS during the autumn holidays!

Included in the exhibition ticket (free for -18)
For children from 3 years old.

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Illustration: Nousjka Daniëls

Have you ever drawn on a merry-go-round? Or played an infinite hopscotch? No? Then this is your chance! You can also adventure clamber through a giant spider web, play with weeds, transform brick walls, roll a self-drawing ball around and discover more fun, interactive works of art.

Fun guaranteed for young and old alike!

With works by:
Sven Boel
Willem Boel
Casper Dillen, Jiayu Zhang, Neo Gao and Wang Wenzhe
studiœmile (Michael Langeder, Charles Bédin, Elseline Bazin)
Erien Withouck
Laurence Yared
Inge De Zutter

WIELS Speelweek illustraties DEF Casper Dillen en Jiayu Zhang 14
Nousjka Daniëls

Casper Dillen, Jiayu Zhang, Neo Gao & Wang Wenzhe: Cycle

What is the aim of this game? Get to the finishing line or make a mix of tunes? Is it a racetrack or a musical instrument? Move the ring from one end to the other, and each time it touches the line it makes a different sound.

Cycle is a collaboration between Casper Dillen, Jiayu Zhang, Neo Gao and Wang Wenzhe who bring together choreography, sculpture, sound, and playfulness. They are inspired by calligraphy, the casting of language into sculptural image and the legacy of kinetic art.

WIELS Speelweek illustraties DEF Erien Withouck 08
Nousjka Daniëls

Erien Withouck: Playgarden

Erien Withouck explores the world of plants and trees that surrounds us. She uses their common names, which are playful like 'wet-the-bed,’ ‘lords and ladies’ and ‘sticky willy’. During Play week, she will explore lots of trees that you can play all kinds of fun games with in autumn.

WIELS Speelweek illustraties DEF Inge Dezutter 09
Nousjka Daniëls

Inge De Zutter: IngeKAN’T 23W

Have you ever wandered around a lace labyrinth? In IngeKAN'T 23W, the lace is so huge that you can roam in and out of the holes. Follow just one or many different threads, but be careful: the challenge is to touch as little rope as possible. Inge De Zutter makes artworks out of lace; for her, lace-making is like drawing, but with thread.

WIELS Speelweek illustraties DEF Laurence Yared 10
Nousjka Daniëls

Laurence Yared: Mur Mur

In Laurence Yared's installation, inside and outside walls are mixed together to make a picture that seems to go on and on. Sometimes they have a message to tell and sometimes it is just to look nice. In the installation it isn’t clear what is inside or outside; the bricks seem to move and you might feel like you want to touch them. Mur Mur is a happy space where you can play, talk to your friends and create together. The more you twist and turn the bricks in this installation, the more the walls will change!

WIELS Speelweek illustraties DEF Studioemile 11
Nousjka Daniëls

studiœmile: Heaven on Earth

studiœmile gives the traditional game of hopscotch a special twist for Play Week at WIELS. The start and the end of the game are connected in a loop where “earth” and “heaven” meet each other at the entrance of the space.

WIELS Speelweek illustraties DEF Sven Boel 12
Nousjka Daniëls

The artwork To Measure is to Know, by Sven Boel shows that not everything in life can be measured with numbers. The sculpture in the shape of a surveyor’s tool or the classic wooden toy, a pull along duck, contains a ball that spins around. As you walk around with it, lines are drawn on the ball. At the end the line covers the whole ball and we can only guess just how long the line is.

WIELS Speelweek illustraties DEF Wllem Boel
Nousjka Daniëls

On Willem Boel's merry-go-round, you can draw and paint on a canvas that keeps turning or you can be the motor making things move. Will you be the person drawing or the one pushing? If you push you can decide how fast it turns; sometimes you will be going nowhere and other times you will be spinning away from your drawing. It's a dizzying game of balance and control. At the end of the day, everything is painted over, so your drawing is a secret adventure!