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School is cool!

10 09 2017 00:00 01:00

During the Art Book Fair, WIELS invites kids over to customize their folders and notebooks, to go back to school in the coolest way.


Plain book covers and boring wrapping days are over. Spread out your imagination! Make it fun and exclusive with the help of talented graphic designers from Brussels.

With :

12-15 year : Flore Van Ryn & Delphine Dupont from Face to Face Design (http://www.facetofacedesign.com) + Damien Aresta (www.pleaseletmedesign.com)

8-12 year : Collective Bernarda (Aglio Dal Grugno, Clémence Godier, Giulia Gallino, Aude Rambaud, Viana Ferreira) 5-7 year : Fanny Dreyer & Chloé Perarnau de Cuistax http://cuistax-cuistax.blogspot.be

10.09.2017, 14:00 - 17.00
WIELS Mezzanine
Free, reservation required: kids@wiels.org