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Robin Vanbesien: duty-bound away from the keyboard of the screen of my face

27 02 2014 00:00 01:00

It takes courage to say what comes to her: she never knows what could come up and scare her. At some point, she felt like a tiger with a deadly arrow buried in its flesh.

What is the dialogue of someone who doesn’t know how to dialogue? In the lightest realm of speaking I almost don’t know how to speak. Particularly speaking to you in dialogue, I who got used to you being the audience, however distracted, of my voice. Still, when I do something I respect the workings I use, I respect their primordial fate. So when I dialogue with you I respect the way our dialogue takes place.

And the tiger? Can’t say, thank you. So she sluggishly walks back and forth in front of the person and hesitates. She licks one of her paws and then, since it’s not the word that then matters, she silently moves off.

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