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Rita McBride: Guide Rails

16 08 2020 00:00 00:00

Welcome (back) to WIELS post Covid-19 lockdown.


Welcome back to Rita McBride’s Guide Rails, a first artist’s response to the new regulations for social distancing put in place for public life to resume. The initial installation of the artwork Guide Rails was made in 2017, with 200 linear metres of white wooden modular structures that gently guided visitors through McBride’s solo exhibition Explorer. We now find a re-configured and re-positioned set of Guide Rails installed in the brewing hall, to expedite social distancing upon arrival at WIELS. In this new role, the artwork sets up guide lines for interaction in public space.

WIELS Brewing Hall
19.05 - 16.08.2020
TUE - SUN 10:00-18:00
Free entry