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Film screening ‘Cemetery State’ by Filip De Boeck (EN)

14 08 2016 16:00 17:30

In ‘Cemetery State’, Filip De Boeck invites us on a bewildering tour of the cemetery of Kintambo, one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Over the years, the city has increasingly invaded the cemetery, and shanty towns have sprung up alongside it. One of these is the populated slum area of Camp Luka, also known as ‘the State’. Here, the living and dead live in close proximity. Although the urban authorities officially closed the cemetery two decades ago, the people from Camp Luka continue to bury their dead there. This film follows one group of gravediggers in the cemetery of Kintambo, where mourning rituals and funerals have become for the young people moments of upheaval and contestation against the social and political order. A Belgian Dutch co-production, it won the Mirror Award (Spiegelprijs) in 2010, and was screened in several national and international film festivals.

Film program (without exhibitions): 5€ (including CITIZENFOUR)
Duration: 72’

Projection du film Cemetery State de Filip De Boeck EN