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Film screening: Raoul Vaneigem & Nicolas Kozakis

07 05 2017 16:00 17:00

Nicolas Kozakis lives and works in Brussels and teaches at the Royal Academy of Liège. Raoul Vaneigem is born in 1934 in Lessines, Belgium, and lives in Burgundy. He is a writer and a situationist philosopher.

Projection de films Raoul Vaneigem Nicolas Kozakis

The films of Kozakis and Vaneigem are the result of their friendship and are based on their conversations, observations, reflections over current geopolitics and the state of the world we are living in.

Film programme:
A moment of eternity in the passage of time (4,35’ – 2012)
Our existence is a maze (5,47’ – 2013)
What of our life ? (5,12’ – 2014)
A grain of poetry in a desert of sand (9,54” – 2015)
Woman (18,58' – 2016)
Lettre à mes enfants et aux enfants du monde à venir (7,51' – 2017)

07.05.2017, 4pm
WIELS Auditorium
Free with entrance ticket
Film programme (without exhibitions): 5€

All films b&/w, no sound and digital video
Image: Nicolas Kozakis
Text: Raoul Vaneigem
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