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Film screening: Wan Pipel (EN)

24 03 2019 16:00 17:00

This film classic was the first full-length film by the Surinamese-Dutch director Pim de la Parra. Made in 1976, it was also the first film that was made after the independence of Suriname

Projection de film Wan Pipel

The story sketches a young man, Roy, who returns from the Netherlands to his native country Suriname, and who is confronted with the consequences of colonization. He is a witness to a society where Surinamese, African, Indian and Dutch cultures live side by side and collide. The choices that Roy makes to direct his life reflect those of people living in a diaspora.

The screening of the film takes place in the context of the exhibition Liquid Intelligence by Ellen Gallagher and Edgar Cleijne, on show in WIELS until 28.04.2019.

Lyse Ishimwe (film curator and photographer) gives an introduction to the film and highlights some of the themes that return in the work of Ellen Gallagher. Ishimwe is the founder and programmer of Recognition, a community film screening programme that takes place every month in Brussels.

24.03.2019, 16:00 (following on the free guided tour of the exhibition)
Free with entrance ticket of the exhibition
Upon reservation
Introduction: English
Language film: Dutch, Sarnami Hindi, Sranantongo
Subtitles: English