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Projection de film : Gert Robijns, Reset (EN)

10 09 2017 16:00 17:00

What’s interesting about a house in a dead end street in a village somewhere?

After having lived and worked in New York, Berlin and Brussels, the Belgian artist Gert Robijns returns to his native village, a small hamlet with fewer than 200 inhabitants.


When his grandmother moves into an old people’s home, he buys her house and creates his masterpiece, Reset Home, a sculpture and art space.

The documentary Reset follows the artist during the construction of his work, a struggle that takes two years to complete. Throughout the ups and downs of the building process we also witness the slow decline of his grandmother and the complex nature of his love-hate relationship with the village. What’s more, the closer we get to him the more we see how heavy and lonely the life of an artist can be.

But at the same time we witness the creation of an impressive artwork and this intriguing man’s unique way of thinking and viewing the world.

Director : Aldine Reinink

Info : http://www.reset-film.com

10.09.2017, 16.00

WIELS Auditorium

Dutch with english subtitles ( 58 min)